Creative Products & Services Inc.

Specializing in industrial and municipal filtration applications, Creative Products & Services Inc., is introducing the Bacti-Twist filtration system to many types of industrial manufacturing industries with multiple ways to benefit their process, whether it be used in polishing or filtering gases and liquids.


Our Approach

Bacti-Twist Filtration System

Bacti-Twist innovative design is manufactured of PVC or HPDE with six different size ribbons to select from depending on your applications.

The media is composed of continuous, free-moving layers of poly-ribbons. As pressure builds up on one layer, deposits move into the next layer – allowing for higher loads of substance to be contained for a longer process time and production run showing very minimum pressure differential between the media.

Bacti-Twist is also designed for low and high pressure and flow rates. Its unique poly-ribbon design prevents particles from obstructing the flow, whether for up-flow, down-flow, vertical flow, trickling towers, reactors, and air, gas, liquid or chemical scrubbers.


Our Story

In most applications Bacti-Twist can be designed at a 5:1 ratio or more. For example: one cubic foot of Bacti-Twist weighs approximately 1lb and can accumulate 5lbs or more of substance. When this takes place, very minimum pressure drop will be experienced due the design of Bacti-Twist not being attached to itself This allows it to keep moving and creating longer process runs.

The Bacti-Twist can be housed in vertical racks or panels and can be custom fit for any shape, size tank or container. Bacti-Twist media is compliant with NSF ratings 51 and 61 for water/wastewater and food applications.

Next Steps...

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